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2012 Wheelsandmore Mercedes-Benz SL500 R231

door hbk op Sun. 8 Apr. 12 om 12:05






(from Wheelandmore Press Release) Mercedes SL500 R231 tuning premiere by Wheelsandmore

Just in time for the beginning of northern hemisphere spring season and before the first highly anticipated new Mercedes Benz SL R231 roadsters were delivered, Wheelsandmore presents their refined version of the SL500 and sets the first exclamation point into the direction of the tuning community.

The luxury tuner wraps the fresh new silhouette completely in an aluminum-silver-gray high-tech film which provides more optical exclusivity to the new SL roadster.

In their specialty, the production of tailor-made, multi-part forged rims, the fine tuner installed the maximum possible wheel sizes of the type 6Sporz ² in the dimensions 9,5 x20" with 245/30/20 at the front and at the rear 11,0 x20“ with 295/25 Continental Sport Contact 5P tires. Although the wheels could be configured in nearly unlimited color and surface finish combinations, Wheelsandmore adapted them to the overall picture, with matt black wheel center, combined with robust and easy-care stainless steel outer rims.

The suspension lowering is provided by the fully adjustable suspension module called LowMaXX, which shuts down to at a speed of 70 km / h to preserve the comfort and safety again. As the module is offered with a plug-and-play adapter solution, the installation is easily done within a few minutes.

With the new M278 engine and 435 hp standard performance, Mercedes Benz delivers the best arguments for already interested inclined to purchase. Wheelsandmore wouldn´t be a tuner if that performance couldn´t be increased even further. Optimizing the characteristics of the electronic control unit improves the performance of the R231 for additional 70hp and 100nm of torque up to 505hp and 800nm of torque in total.

As appropriate exhaustsystems and air filter components are currently under developement, there certainly will be higher upgrades to expect.

For more information please visit:

Tags:  Wheelsandmore, Mercedes-Benz, SL500, R231

    preetje Gepost op Sun. 8 Apr. 12 om 12:10 1
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lekker :p
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    Keyser_Soze Gepost op Sun. 8 Apr. 12 om 12:46 2
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25710 Posts
BAM! Klasse!
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    bloky Gepost op Sun. 8 Apr. 12 om 17:46 3
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6110 Posts
knappe wagen :)
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    rolinke Gepost op Mon. 9 Apr. 12 om 00:07 4
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Oh damn die is ferm
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    StijnJ Gepost op Mon. 9 Apr. 12 om 20:33 5
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Woow, zalige wagen
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    Last_Prophecies Gepost op Mon. 9 Apr. 12 om 23:27 6
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Hmmm Knappe wagen maar toch vind ik dat em iets mist:P.
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