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It's Sickipedia time

door Rbbz op Tue. 9 Jul. 13 om 22:43

All this fuss over a game of tennis, when there's Muslims been slaughtered on the streets in Egypt.

I know what I'd rather watch

Murray might be getting a knighthood?

It's Tennis. They weren't fucking jousting.

I saw my first Ethiopian DJ last night.

MT Stomach

I don't know why hedgehogs think that rolling into a ball is a good defence mechanism.

I wasn't going to kick it before.

I'm not saying that my mum used to be a slag, but when I was born she slipped me back in and out a few times.

With only six weeks left to live, I decided to see a faith healer.

I don't think it's done me any good.

The judge said that my execution would go ahead as planned.

A year ago I said to my wife, "Every time we make love, we put a pound coin in a money box and see how much we can save up."

I opened the box today and said to my wife, "Where the fuck have all these notes come from?"

She said, "Not everyone's a tight cunt like you."

I've got a pair of speakers in my living room that are loud as fuck.

My wife and mother-in-law.

As my wife and three of her friends squeezed into the car after WeightWatchers, I muttered under my breath, "Fat fucking cows."

"What was that?" snapped my wife.

"You herd

I can cut a piece of wood in half just by looking at it.

It's true, I saw it with my own eyes.

A Roman walks into a bar, sticks two fingers up to the barman and says, "Five beers please."

My wife says she's leaving me because she's never seen me sober.

Fucking hell, I got married?

met Barrack Obama and said, "My dad says you're spying on us all."

He said, "He's not your dad."

We had a power outage last week and my PC, TV and games console shut down immediately, so I had to talk to my family for a few hours.

They seem like nice people.

"Very little scares me," said my new girlfriend

"Great," I thought to myself, "She's going to be terrified when she sees my cock."

Jim Apple finds introducing himself very problematic when holidaying in France.

Jokes don't kill people.
Muslims who are offended by jokes kill people.

"Did you know that making a girl laugh is the second best way to get a girl into bed?" I asked my date.
"Really?" she asked. "What's the first?"
"A big fuck off knife!" I replied.
"Ha-ha, you're funny," she said.
"Well done, you've made a sensible choice."

It's the Lions versus the Wallabies today and I think I know what the result will be.

I'll get sacked from Woburn Safari Park.

My PC takes such a long time to shut down I've decided to call it Nelson Mandela.

Tags:  Zwarte humor, sickipedia

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  Leuke reclame Honda - HandsSay Yes!  

    Keyser_Soze Gepost op Tue. 9 Jul. 13 om 23:29 1
man man
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zitten paar goeie bij :p
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    BLUE_SMILEY Gepost op Tue. 9 Jul. 13 om 23:36 2
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#9 = :lol:
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    RedDragon Gepost op Wed. 10 Jul. 13 om 17:20 3
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I saw my first Ethiopian DJ last night.

MT Stomach

Echt hard gelachen met deze. :lol:
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