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CS:GO in a nutshell

door Arnodude53 op Sun. 20 Dec. 15 om 17:26

This is CS on point.

If you dont push with someone who decides to push, you're a baiter.
If you decide to push and noone backs you up then die, you're a shit cunt.
If you rotate of site, you're autistic for leaving site.
If you hold site but the other site gets taken over, you're autistic for not rotating fast enough.
If you use an awp, you're a scrub.
If you use a autosnipe, you're an auto scrub.
If you use a P90, you're a pro90 scrub.
If you use a Mag7, you're a swag7 scrub., pretty much if you use any weapon other than M4/AK or deagle, then you're a scrub.
If you dont have a mic, they tell you to buy a mic or fuck off.
If you have a mic and coms, they tell you to fuck up.
If you die 1 v 1, you're a shit cunt.
If you clutch 1 v 5, you're a hacker.
If you get less than 10 kills by the end, you need to uninstall.
If you get more than 40 kills by the end, you need an overwatch.
If you make one mistake and beg not to be kicked, you get kicked.
If you need to go in an emergency and asked to be kicked, you dont get kicked.
If you call a timeout, the other team immediately calls a timeout.

Pretty much everyone is better than you, you're shit no matter how good you do, your mother will be insulted, you will be called a n***, you're fat, you're salty, you're mad, you're autistic, you have cancer, you're HIV positive and you're a gay scrub 30 year old nerd virgin whos unemployed and lives with their parents.

The life of a CS player.

Tags:  gaming, cs, counter, strike, go, global, offensive